Client Reviews

While a portfolio is definitely something you want to look at before hiring someone to do your interior design, hearing from others just like you about the work done by Sylvie Meehan Designs is just as important. Please take a look at what our clients have to say about the interior design work we’ve done for them.
Sylvie helped design our kitchen renovation. Completely worth the design/management fee and I will use her again for future projects. She helped me decide on cabinets, countertops, lighting, and all fnishes and really listened to and took into account my ideas. Our project was estimated to be complete in six weeks and we were finished in four. All of the tradesmen on her team are excellent and I will be using them again in the future. Sylvie has an incredible eye for detail and if something isn’t done correctly, she will have it redone. Juline, her project manager is an integral part of her team. She was at the house everyday and kept me updated daily on the work timeline and budget. We love, love, love our new kitchen. Sylvie is a fantastic creative designer, has a great work ethic, and was wonderful and easy to work with.
Client review from Houzz

Sylvie helped us completely update our master bath and closet. She has a great eye for design, thinking of future needs and keeping the design clean and modern. It feels as if we now have a resort-styled master bath. We went with her suggested vendors and contractors, which kept things simple and on a high, professional level. After assisting with design and budgeting, work started immediately and with no delays. She stopped by most every day to check on how the guys were doing and to ensure we were satisfied. Her schedule and rules for jobsite etiquette for the trades was posted & followed. In addition to her design skills, job management was terrific. Not only were trades kept on schedule, but the pay process was great. I was given a detailed Excel worksheet that tracked cost for vendors and contractors along and our payments to each. No surprises, and I always understood exactly where we were in the process. They say the most important part of construction is staying on schedule and on budget – and Sylvie excelled at both. Great experience, and yes, we would do it again.

J. Lewallen

Fort Worth, TX

We wanted our 90’s kitchen updated and a focal point of our home. Sylvie Meehan Designs was so professional and excellent in helping us to accomplish that. Sylvie’s expertise of planning, selecting, seeing the work done from end to end was so much more than we expected. She took the stress away from us and gave us a beautiful open kitchen that we just couldn’t have imagined could be done! We love her work and how she puts all of her love into her what she does to make her customers so happy.
Client review from Houzz

I have had the pleasure of working on multiple projects with Sylvie. After seeing first-hand the design work she completes, it’s no wonder her past clients talk about her so highly. I have had the opportunity to speak with multiple clients that have had kitchens and bathrooms designed by Sylvie and they couldn’t be happier. (One client doesn’t even use her master bathroom, because it’s too nice and she doesn’t want to get it dirty! The client uses the second bath, also designed by Sylvie). Sylvie is the epitome of a professional interior designer, from the beginning planning stages, the deliverable of the completed design and the project paperwork she delivers after each project is complete.
Lance Selgo

Fort Worth, TX

I consider Sylvie to be our “home advocate!” It was an absolute treat to get to work with a designer of such high caliber. She assisted us to live in a more functional and stylish home. I am so thankful that she was recommended to us. We will continue (and have continued) to ask for her guidance in other projects. Each project that she has had a hand in (custom toy shelves, a unique beverage center, an Elfa closet, a new home design) has turned out to be show-stopping. Thank you Sylvie!

Heather Thomasson

Great designed project. Professional with a great attitude. The work crew had the years of experience to be top notch. The cost was spot on. I would hire again. Don’t waste time calling around, call Sylvie Meehan Designs. You will be impressed.

Mark Edwards

Fort Worth, TX

Sylvie is amazing! I hired her for a consultation on my kitchen remodel. It was the best money I could have spent! She has impeccable taste, is very friendly and fun and you can tell she really works hard to deliver great value to her clients. Love, love, love her and would highly recommend for any project!

Sylvie has a warm, friendly personality, and also really knows her stuff. My wife and I had several distinct differences of opinion about our kitchen remodel, which Sylvie handled deftly and with good humor. She was also gracious in helping us move past some less than stellar ideas that we were stuck on. At the same time, Sylvie allowed us to have a lot of input and final say about things, which some designers can have trouble with. The end results are spectacular and far beyond anything we could have produced without Sylvie’s input and guidance. We will not hesitate to call her again for help with our next project!

Brett Somers

Sylvie solved our small kitchen dilemma!
We had kicked around many ideas about how to add storage space in our 1980’s kitchen. We just couldn’t figure out what would work in our small space. Sylvie not only solved the problem, but she took into consideration our very small budget and gave us wonderful advice. She is a joy to work with.
Anna Stone

You did such a great job you with the design. Every morning I go in the master bathroom to get ready and I feel like I’m on a mini-vacation at The Ritz. The pool bath is perhaps my favorite room in the house now; it has so much character in a small space.


It is my pleasure to recommend Sylvie Meehan as your Interior Designer. She has worked with me since 2007. She is energetic, prompt, efficient, helpful and creative. She is very organized, thorough and desires your satisfaction all the way to completion. Her extensive knowledge of design, cabinetry, tile, traffic pattern and green construction and products makes the whole process easier. Sylvie chooses her subcontractors and suppliers very carefully. She is well aware of the importance to know them and their abilities.

Sylvie is a great asset to us. She is a delight to work with as she is always able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. She has helped us with six homes ranging in price from $850,000 to $1 million. She knows how time consuming and very extensive the process is from the start of the project to completion and does this very well. Sylvie would be a great asset to your renovation project. Should you have any question, I invite you to call me anytime.

Lu Marshall, Designer/Builder

Jeff Marshall Custom Homes

My wife and I were anxious about renovating our kitchen, mostly because the design we wanted would require a complete gutting of the old kitchen and rearrangement of water pipes. From the start Sylvie put us at ease. She’s friendly, upbeat and professional, and always had a positive attitude. She developed the design and managed the renovation from start to finish. Throughout the process she was tenacious in making sure that everything from appliance orders to workmanship were done correctly. She’s very responsive, action-oriented and takes a lot of pride in her work. If we had an issue, we only had to tell her once and she would jump on it until it was resolved. She completed the project on time and within the budget we established. We remain thrilled with the result. Sylvie’s a pleasure to work with and she definitely will be our go-to person for any future renovations.
Client review from Houzz

We hired Sylvie to design / build our master bathroom and make some updates to our kitchen. Total cost of the project was around $45,000 and included her design and project management, complete gutting and rebuild of the master bathroom, and new countertop and backsplash plus painting all cabinets in the kitchen with new hardware installed.

Sylvie is a pleasure to work with. Although busy, she never makes you feel rushed. When she’s with you, her time is your time. She is a great designer and communicates her opinions in a collaborative way. She was clear about the process and guided us from the design process through to a completed project. We are really pleased with the final product and the people she brought to the project were all professional and easy to work with.

I think the fact that all the people working for her were great is the best recommendation you could give about working with her.

We wouldn’t hesitate to use her again.

Client review from Houzz

Working with Sylvie was great. She is very professional and did a great job designing our bathroom. We love it! She was the best part of the remodel!

Wayne and Pam Lea

Sylvie’s design and project management skills are top notch. She has a natural talent for design, and we are extremely pleased with the results. We highly recommend her.

Ginny Worthington

Sylvie is innovative, creative and respects her customer’s budget. She has spent time planning and shopping with my husband and I. She replaced the counter top, the sink, the faucets, the backsplash, the kitchen door knobs, the lighting. We are fully satisfied and received lots of great comments. I wouldn´t hesitate recommend her. What could have been a difficult experience became a fun adventure.

Sylvie, what a pleasure to work with you and your clients! Congrats on your award! I know that I speak on behalf of the whole ProSource team when I say that it is an honor to see you come in and brighten our day! For anyone considering Sylvie Meehan Designs, you are considering one of the BEST! Thank your Sylvie for the opportunity to serve!

Brian Frailey

I needed help designing a small kitchen that I wanted fully functional, very practical to use, and with lots of storage. Sylvie took her time with me in our meeting and helped me come up with a fantastic design. Her best qualities, that are needed in any professional: listening, above all, to ensure that her work reflects your needs, and professional knowledge. She has both.

Sylvie has extensive knowledge in the field of remodeling, home interior design especially kitchens and bathrooms. She has several years of experience and has worked with many clients. Her customer service is incredible. She keeps the client informed on a daily basis of how their project is progressing. When she says she is going to complete something, she does. She works hand-in-hand with her clients making sure their specific needs are met at all times. She is always available for questions and concerns. She is very easy to work with. She is open-minded and listens to her clients. I have worked with her on several projects and have seen firsthand the top notch work she has designed and completed. I have given Sylvie 5 stars and the highest recommendation possible, so well deserved.

Dawn Middlestead

Fort Worth, TX

What a difference you made! Thank you! We’ve struggled through many previous decorating and renovation projects during the last 30 years. All past projects have followed the same problematic pattern. We started with a great idea and what we thought was the right contractors. However, in the end, the projects fell behind schedule, the budgets exploded, and the quality of the work was disappointing. Most importantly, our frustration with the project increased. You addressed all these problems and delivered what you promised. You refined our ideas, selected and managed the contractors and kept us within budget. You had high standards and insisted the quality of the work met your expectations. The entire project went smoothly even when the house was all torn-up. Our house looks great thanks to you. You exceeded our expectations. You and your contractors were great to work with and we would hire you again for any big or small new projects.

Robin and Jerry Stein

Fort Worth, TX

When our home flooded I felt overwhelmed with decorating choices. I knew what I wanted but needed help. You have an unbelievable eye for design. I am simply amazed at your talent. My home turned out exactly as I pictured it. You may not realize it, but you made a difficult time very bearable and you took a lot of pressure off of me. Thank you so much!
Mrs. Middleton

Mansfield, TX

Her design has drastically made the sale of each one of my homes easier, most of which have sold prior to completion. She is a complete delight to work with and does an excellent job. Sylvie has a passion for her profession and is very enthusiastic. I highly recommend Sylvie Meehan to anyone seeking a professional designer who will work hard, deliver and be prompt with service.

Mo Rabii, Builder

Eagle View Homes

Sylvie was a joy to work with and we highly recommend her for any remodeling or new home design. After two disastrous attempts at remodeling, we decided we would never try again. Then… we met with Sylvie Meehan and found her t be so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and sincere. She also had many great ideas as to what would work in our home. She knows how to select contractors, purchase the needed items, and especially manage the job until it is completed to her client’s satisfaction. We love our Kitchen and Den.

A.D. & Joyce Williamson

Sylvie is a brilliant designer with a positive, can-do personality. Her knowledge and attention to detail blew me away–she was worth every penny! She posted a calendar on my wall, listing what work would be done each day. She let me know exactly when they would arrive. The people she contracted to do the work were excellent–they were pleasant to have around, showed up on time and cleaned up after themselves. (And I could tell that they all adored working with Sylvie even though she was appropriately picky at times.) Sylvie herself went beyond my expectations–I caught her washing off my front door, slipping the painter a personal check because she had forgotten to tell them about an addition we had made–she wanted to pay for the extra work since it wasn’t in the bid. I will be sad when my two bathrooms are finished because I will no longer get to start my day with this precious woman, who is creative, but also warm, fun, energetic, thoughtful, and kind.

Nancy Kinser

Fort Worth, TX

We were referred by friends who used Sylvie to update their home and couldn’t be happier. Sylvie help us through an update of our kitchen and living areas. We could not agree on something as simple as a paint color for our living room wall so she didn’t know what she had signed up for! All we can say was wow!!! She handle the both of us with kid-gloves when necessary and with just the right amount of push when that was needed. She blended our two diverse taste into a beautiful and comfortable home. The remodel called for new appliances and counter tops, paint through out the lower level of our home as well as new flooring. Sylvie handle all the scheduling and contractors so we did not have to worry about anything. In fact when any area of craftsmanship wasn’t up to our standard and we were going to mention it, Sylvie had already had the issue under repair and for the one item where we beat her to the punch, she had the issue immediately resolved. It was such a pleasure to not have to handle any of the headaches of the remodel. In fact it went so smoothly, not only have we recommended her to several friends, we had her come back not once but twice to finish the renovation of the remainder of our home. That included renovating all three of our bathrooms and the master bedroom and repainting and freshening up the remainder of our home. Our 18 year old home, now looks like something out of a magazine and is no longer a generic cookie cutter home. In closing, you may have second thoughts about using any interior designer, but all I can say is that for us, in the end, the little extra cost associated with Sylvie creating and help us through the design process and probably just as important for us, handling all the scheduling and working with subcontractors was well worth the cost. After all we used her again and again as have several of our friends and co-workers. We highly recommend that you select her as you interior designer, you will be happy with her designs, her craftsmen, the process and best of all she stands behind her work. Best of all, Sylvie is a delight to work with!
Robin and Dan Tirsun

Fort Worth, TX

We met Sylvie Meehan and knew right away she was the designer we wanted. She listened to our wants, gave immediate opinions, both positive and negative, and never faltered on her design. We were quite impressed with her artistry of design of our master bath and shower that we added on our guest bathroom, also. Would hire her again in a heartbeat-no hesitation.
Cathy Young

Hurst, TX

Sylvie Meehan is a hands-on designer and contractor. We originally hired her to design a new master bathroom. Then we hired her as the contractor. Sylvie uses professionals, many who have been with her for several years. They were all polite and cleaned up the construction area before leaving for the day. She was on site every morning to go over things with us and the sub-contractors. As a woman, I enjoyed having her help me shop for everything to complete our beautiful bathroom. She kept everyone on schedule. I would recommend her 100%. No regrets!
Janice Piggott

I have very much enjoyed working with you regarding the interior color and material selections for the homes in Pleasant Valley Phase II. Your work has always been timely, very well received by the market and an excellent value. I am looking forward to continuing our business relationship.
Thomas R. Regmund, President

Pleasant Valley

Sylvie Meehan is very successful because she applies style and compassion to her art. She has been most victorious in her design work selling homes for builders in our communities well in advance of the home’s completion. Her architectural selection, colors and textures attract all tastes. She respects her customer’s budgets and offers different suggestions to achieve the same effect more costly selections. She has a “nothing is left until tomorrow” attitude. She is very prompt and delightful, and she meets every expectation her builders and customers place on her. If you are considering a designer to enhance your homes, Sylvie Meehan is terrific. She will work hard, has great enthusiasm and is a wonderful talent.
Susan Engle and Cynthia Matalucci

Wildwood Realty

Sylvie is great. She kept the project on time and guided to me to results that exceeded my original view.

Cheryl Brien

Fort Worth, TX

5 stars aren’t enough to describe my experiences with Sylvie. She saved us time and money by coordinating this project down to the last detail of our home remodel. We trusted her enough to give her the key to the house so my wife and I did not miss any work. She was easy to work with and very flexible. I highly recommend working with Sylvie.

Paul S.

I am so thankful you were recommended to me when we decided to remodel our master bathroom. You were prompt in returning my calls, setting up appointments, and arriving on time for our meetings. I was very comfortable with you and enjoyed our two days of. You allowed me to voice my opinion on my likes and dislikes. You have a wonderful gift of seeing the finished project. I had no idea where to begin and you put is all together with such ease. Ron said, you made his job so much easier by putting all my selections on a spread sheet with size, item numbers, colors etc. Thanks for a great job. You can know for sure you will be getting a call when I have more decorating needs.

Diane Husbands

Thank you so much for all of the “extras” you provided for our kitchen remodel. Turning my kitchen and breakfast room into Tuscany wouldn’t have worked without your help. Thanks also for my touch of Italy! I enjoyed you all!

Susan Huston