Master Bathroom Remodel: Piggott

…I fell in love with Sylvie’s design immediately. She gave me the lightness and outdoor feel I wanted. I told her what I would like to see and she presented the perfect design. She was there the whole way and gave us exactly what we wanted.

This client wanted to update her dark master bathroom and remove the seldom used bathtub.

We began with a complete demo of the existing bathroom and added a new, bigger window in the shower. A wall to wall shower was installed to create a bigger feeling in the room. We created a focal point in the shower with a tall rock column where the plumbing is attached. We also added several niches to the shower for easy storage of shower products.

To add to the ambiance and comfort of the bathroom, an electric fireplace was installed to add heat on cold winter mornings. A small white ceiling fan was added to help with the hot days.

We added a floating bench outside the show for drying and dressing. Functional cabinets were installed to conveniently hide and store hair accessories. We finished off the look of the room with sconces and recessed can lighting to illuminate the room at night.

Now they can enjoy their new updated, functional, and bright bathroom for years to come.