Master Bathroom Remodel: Graf

Ms Meehan’s management was outstanding. The project was on budget and schedule from start to finish. All details were handled exceptionally well. Her work with the contractors was outstanding. I’d recommend her to anyone.

This client wanted to give their master bathroom remodel a more updated look. They wanted a larger bathtub and higher cabinets. She has an affinity for wood floors, but those aren’t practical in a bathroom because of the damage that can be caused by water and humidity. Instead we used a tile made to look like wood. They get the appearance without the extra maintenance. We brought it all together by extending the wood look into the shower and the shower bench.

Hard water was an issue in this client’s home so we installed a filter for the showerhead to soften the water. This makes for a more pleasant experience in the shower. The over-sized, textured white wall tile is 12 x 36; making a rich and dramatic statement. The glass mosaic in the shower and the tub area makes a nice contrast.

The little cabinet on top of the vanity stores all the things the client uses every day, without cluttering the countertop. Because the height of the cabinet and the vessel sink were higher than traditionally used, we placed the vanity faucets into the mirror. The marble countertop is called Crema Bordeaux. The result was the dramatic change the client had been looking for.