Master Bathroom Remodel: Agura

This master bathroom is an ideal representation of using technology and luxury elements for Living in Place (aka Aging in Place). The client wants to be able to stay in this space as long as possible so elements were used that would continue to assist them as they age.

For easier access, a curbless shower with a rectangular drain to expedite drainage was used. The shower also includes a grab bar and hand held shower head for comfort and security, as well as a seat for shaving your legs, resting when tired, or just enjoying the luxury elements incorporated into the shower. The towel bar (as well as the toilet paper holder) also serve as additional grab bars for added safety and security.

But this shower isn’t just for getting clean. It includes an array of luxurious features to enjoy as you wash away stress. Among these are digitally controlled steam with aromatherapy where the client can apply essential oils, luminotherapy with different color lights from the shower head and ceiling, and three shower heads to accommodate a variety of situations. While enjoying the shower, the client can also access an assortment of entertainment options, including Netflix and music from their phones.

The bidet seat is illuminated to guide the client at night and includes warm water and warm seating for added comfort. Adding the bidet makes it easier to improve hygiene, especially in the hot Texas summer, and saves money by reducing toilet paper costs.

An invisible warming floor offers luxurious comfort, providing energy efficiency, uniform heating throughout the room, and no noise. The wood floor tile gives the room a warmer feel with no maintenance.

With around 12 switches in the bathroom used the Lutron system to make them easier to operate. His and hers buttons are preprogramed to their desired light fixture setup, another button controls them all separately or together. And dimmers give even more lighting options. Some of the switches used are for functionality, while some are for ambiance on features like the niches and stonewalls behind each vanity. The lighting controls also include motion detectors with a timer for the ceiling and vanity lights, making for easier nighttime trips to the bathroom. Lighting is also incorporated into the mirrors, and is recessed above each vanity to prevent unwanted shadows.

Custom cabinets for the vanity and make up area were built to the specific needs of the client and quartz countertop for easy maintenance. To help with the Living in Place design, all of the cabinets and interior door hardware have pull style for easy grabs. His and hers closets have new integrated custom storage areas for their unique needs, as well as wider doorways.