Kitchen Remodel: Hallan

We cannot recommend Sylvie Meehan highly enough. From our first meeting with her to the completion of our re-modeled kitchen we encountered a professional, charming, lively designer with flair and a commitment to achieving a wonderful result. She was a great manager of a complex operation, going out of her way to make sure everything would be as we wished. Sylvie is an excellent communicator and very hard working; most definitely worth her fee. We are planning on her invaluable services for our major kitchen remodel within the next two years.

This client’s kitchen was 60 years old and desperately in need of a kitchen remodel. Not only was the kitchen outdated, it wasn’t functional. She likes to cook and the existing kitchen design didn’t make it easy for her. The room was very dark and lacked much-needed counter space.

To help give the client her desired Cottage look we installed new custom cabinets, replaced the existing range with a gas cook top, regular oven, and a steamer/convection oven; giving her the tools she needed to make cooking more enjoyable. We replaced her existing sink with one that included a cutting board and incorporated a strainer basket. We added extra lighting so she could really see what she was doing and set a more appropriate mood for the room.

By adding a trellis we were able to separate the kitchen from the family room, but still left the space open so she doesn’t feel confined when she’s cooking. We decided on a portable island so she would have extra counter space and storage when she needed it, but it could be removed when she wanted more room in the kitchen.