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Recommended Reading

Embracing Sustainability

Article by Sylvie Meehan, published in National Kitchen and Bath Association’s Profiles Magazine

When the concept of green design first came out, I wasn’t too interested in it. I had quite a few misconceptions about sustainability because I thought it meant using old, recycled products and spending extra money to convert regular houses into green houses. Then I decided to start studying the topic to learn what the concept was all about. What I found was fascinating—not only could I offer beautiful green design, but it didn’t necessarily cost more, and could even save my clients money! I figured I wasn’t the only one with those misconceptions, so I’d like to share what I’ve discovered.

In this economy, if you want to save money and be good to the planet, then green design is a great solution. You don’t need to go overboard with it, just do it one step at a time and teach your kids to do the same—little steps can make a big difference. What we don’t know scares us more than it should. Inform yourself and embrace green design. Click Here to Read the Full Article

Create the Kitchen of a Lifetime

kitchen interior design

Does your kitchen desperately need a remodel, but you don’t know where to start? Sylvie’s book, Create the Kitchen of a Lifetime helps you simplify the interior design process so your kitchen fits your lifestyle and your personal tastes. She uses all of her years of experience as an interior designer to give you the information you need to create a design that will adjust to your changing needs.

Create the Kitchen of a Lifetime includes step by step instructions to guide you through designing the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. Whether this is your first kitchen remodel or your 10th, the tools and advice Sylvie gives you will make your kitchen design project easier and more enjoyable. Click Here to Learn More

Reviews for Create the Kitchen of a Lifetime

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sylvie’s design book. Her tips about avoiding fads and using materials that require little or no maintenance were invaluable. There are many products out there that look good, but can become a nightmare to live with. Sylvie gives a wonderful review of such products, including their pros and cons, which is eye-opening in some cases. She also made me start thinking about things I may require down the road, instead of just thinking about the “here and now.” This book goes far beyond your usual design book and gives good explanations along the way. I highly recommend it for anyone thinking about remodeling – she really gives you good things to think about before you start.

Melanie Frey-Eppard

Very useful. The book provides a great introduction to the issues I should consider when planning my decorat- ing and home renovation projects. Sylvie covers both the basic elements in design and introduces many factors I would not have considered. These projects can involve lots of time and expense. I want the new work to be fashion- able and endure. The Universal Design concept will enable me to live comfortably in my home for many years. Syl- vie’s expertise is obvious and the book adds value.

Robin Stein