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Kitchen Remodel: Lewis

This client wanted to open up the kitchen, give it a more updated look, and lighten the room. Their budget and time constraints didn’t allow for a complete kitchen remodel, but we were still able to accomplish their goals.

We kept the existing cabinets, painting them to make the kitchen lighter. We also added glass cabinet doors on each side of the countertop to make them more contemporary and open up the space.

We kept some of the existing appliances, replacing others where the budget allowed. We did the same with the plumbing fixtures and installed a water filter system for the sink area.

We took out the existing pantry and built a new one made of the same style door as the existing cabinets. This gave the impression of the pantry being built with the rest of the cabinets.

We tiled the floor with a 20 x 20 porcelain tile and installed the same tile in the rooms adjacent to the kitchen to carry the look through the house. The colorful glass mosaic gives the room a nice punch and the artistic light fixtures pull the look together.

We have finished design of kitchen remodel and we have picked out appliances, tile, etc. needed for project. She is currently getting bids for remodel. We plan to start purchasing materials next week and then remodel will be underway. Sylvie is very pleasant to work with. She works hard for the client (me). She is very frugal for me and my budget. If I request something outside budget she works good to keep me pleased, and gives me good options to stay close to budget. She’s great!

Jan L

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  1. Mihaela

    maybe a few hundred? Probably $ 1000 a cpuloe of thousand dollars, maybe $ 10,000 max for a kitchen, depending on how you want it. Changing floors would cost maybe a few hundred, it shouldn’t cost too much. Replacing cabinets and walls should be maybe $ 300 to $ 1000+ depending how you want to do it, replace with wood, normal cabinets, nicely designed, etc. Remodeling a normal 2 story whole house only costs maybe $ 40,000-$ 70,000, my neighbor remodeled their house for around that much. So kitchen shouldn’t be crippling, but still a little expensive.