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New Home Design: Eagle View Homes

Sylvie Meehan has worked on the design and style of Eagle View Homes for many years. Her vision of design has drastically made the sale of each one of my home easier, most of which have sold prior to completion. She is a complete delight to work with and does an excellent job. Sylvie has a passion for her profession and is very enthusiastic.

I highly recommend Sylvie Meehan to anyone seeking a professional designer who will work hard, deliver and be prompt with service.

Mo Rabii, Builder
Eagle View Homes

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  1. , Once you have the basics, well it’s tetrpy straightforward. I can also relate that 1664 SF is much larger than my family’s needs and that we could do fine in half the size. For resale, however, even a 1664 SF house is considered way too small for most people WITHOUT children (I know this since we are selling). A 100 SF house is workable for some people. It is one way (and one I find enjoyable to read about) but it is certainly not the only way. An idea that would more widely suit a family would be reverting back to the house sizes of the catalog homes of the early 20th century where many houses ranged from 600-1000 SF. To my mind these are reasonably sized buildings that could easily be made energy-efficient with today’s innovations along WITH the added bonus of a long life because of their functionality (something I do not think the majority of these tiny houses will have in the long run). Downsizing is a very good thing to promote. And a 2000 SF is not a small house. In fact, I think small might be considered 1000 SF or less with the tiny realm being the world of innovative people like Peter.Thanks for sharing!