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Interior Design Project Management

Managing an interior design project or home remodel can make you crazy if you don’t have experience working with all pieces of the puzzle. And with an interior design puzzle, having all the pieces isn’t enough. You have to place them in the right order or you could end up rescheduling contractors and risk delaying your project indefinitely.

When you have an interior design or home remodel project – it’s not just a project, it’s a process. Each piece depends on the piece before it, and they’re all connected. Your contractors are going to do what they’re supposed to do when they’re supposed to do it. This is a good thing if you’re on top of your project, but a disaster if you aren’t.

At Sylvie Meehan Designs, managing interior design projects and remodels is a way of life for us. We know how to work up your plan of action and stay on top of deadlines, delivery dates, and more. We keep an eye on your budget to make sure you don’t get hit with any surprises at the end. We keep a close eye on all the contractors to make sure they are all meeting their obligations so they don’t slow down the next phase of the project.

An Example For You To Consider:

You forgot to confirm the delivery day for your countertop installation so the countertops aren’t there the day the installer needs them. Now the installer has to reschedule for the next opening he has, which is a week later. The plumbing was supposed to go in the day after the countertops. So now the plumbers need to reschedule for their next opening, which is a week after the countertop installer comes back. Your entire project has been delayed by two weeks because you skipped a project management detail you didn’t know was important.

Use us to manage your home remodel projects and save yourself countless hours of time and frustration. We take care:

  • Keeping track of the budgets so you don’t overpay for something
  • Purchasing and scheduling the delivery of your materials
  • Tracking invoices and payments so you don’t get double-billed
  • Scheduling contractors so your goes smoothly
  • Tracking the timelines so you always know what’s been done, and what’s next

Last, but far from least, when you work with Sylvie Meehan Designs to manage your remodeling project, you only need to deal with one person. If something changes on your end, one phone call takes care of everything. You don’t have to worry about contacting and rescheduling everyone involved in the project. While we can’t promise nothing will go wrong, we do promise to fix any problems that arise. Our team of contractors are great and we are grateful to have them. They make our vision become a reality.

If you’re about to remodel, save your sanity, protect your wallet, and keep everything flowing smoothly. Contact Sylvie Meehan Designs today to manage your project.

Knowing Is Half the Battle: Preparing yourself for your home remodel can save you a lot of stress and aggravation and put you ahead of the game. Remember:

  • Every home remodel is a little different.
  • There will be dust and foot traffic during the demolition and building phases.
  • The rooms being remodeled won’t be available for use while parts of the work are being done.
  • There are potential problems that aren’t visible until you start remodeling.
  • It’s a good idea to allow an extra 10% of your budget to cover unforeseeable problems.

While we do everything in our power to keep to your schedule and budget, sometimes unforeseeable circumstances arise during your home remodel that could delay the project or add to the cost. These might include:

  • Products delivered late, dented or with missing parts
  • The wrong products delivered
  • Miscommunication
  • Structural problems revealed during the remodel
  • More dust than you expected
  • Termites or carpenter ants in the walls, floor, or windows
  • Mold or moisture in the walls
  • Structural problems that need to be repaired
  • Asbestos or lead paint removal

Remember: Without a great interior design you can’t have a great home remodel.