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Custom Bathroom Design

bathroom-remodeling-sylvie-meehan-designs-fort-worthYour bathroom should be a place where you can escape from the world in a hot bubble bath in the evening or wake up with an invigorating shower to start your day. It’s the room where you truly get to have your real “me time.” But if you don’t have room to relax in your tub, or your shower is to dark you think it’s still nighttime when you’re trying to wake up; it’s probably time to think about hiring an interior designer to look at remodeling your bathroom.

Creating your ideal bathroom means more than just changing the color of paint on the walls or the style of towel rack you use. The design of your bathroom should blend with your everyday life. You should be able to easily access everything when you want to get ready quickly. You should enjoy spending time in your bathroom when you want to relax.

At Sylvie Meehan Designs we understand all the roles your bathroom plays in your life. We know how impossible it is for you to relax in a candlelit bubble bath when all you can focus on is the outdated fixtures. We understand how frustrating it is to be running late in the morning and not be able to find what you need because there’s no place to organize the jungle of tangled cords, medication bottles, and skin care products on the vanity.

Every bathroom in your home has a unique set of needs. While you’re thinking of the interior design needed on your primary or master bathroom, don’t forget:

Kid’s Bathroom:

Your kid’s bathroom should be both functional and fun. They need their own little personal spa too. By using a professional interior designer for the kid’s bathroom you’ll make sure their needs are being taken into account.

Guest Bathroom:

Guest bathrooms are generally less expensive to remodel than your main bathrooms. By adding the touches a professional interior designer brings to your guest bathroom remodel, you’ll make your guests feel extra special whenever they stay in your home.

Pool Bathroom:

A pool bathroom makes your pool parties more fun because you don’t have to worry about mopping up drips swimmers might leave behind as they make their way through your house to get to the bathroom. By designing a special pool bathroom you can make sure all the needs of your swimmers are met without putting a strain on your interior bathrooms.  Install a pool bathroom and spend your pool parties having fun with your guests instead of mopping your floors.

Bathrooms for Aging Parents:

Having elderly parents live with you is a way for you to give them the assistance they need in their golden years. One of the things you can do to make their lives as full as possible is to make sure their bathroom meets the needs that come with age.  By having a bathroom specifically designed for their needs they’ll be able to keep their independence and you’ll rest easier knowing their bathroom has been created with their safety in mind.

Let us help you create a bathroom that reflects your individual personality, without sacrificing your unique needs. We’ll guide you each step of the way while we create a bathroom you’ll enjoy spending time in. With our approach to home remodeling we time everything so your bathroom’s “downtime” is as brief as possible. We turn your sad old bathroom into your own personal spa in four phases:

In the discovery phase we look at both your style and your lifestyle. We look at what your bathroom means to you. Are you a bath person or a shower person? Do you use a lot of styling tools to get ready? What type of storage do you need? These are the types of things we cover during the discovery phase of your bathroom interior design project. Other things we’ll discuss include:

  • How many people are using your bathroom?
  • What bothers you about your existing bathroom?
  • If you could have any bathroom you want, what would it look like?
  • Do you like watching TV or listening to your favorite music in the bathroom?
  • And more

During the space planning phase we create the floor plan for your bathroom. We determine what you should keep, and what’s in the way of your ideal bathroom. We map out the way you use the room to make sure your bathroom remodel is both beautiful and practical. Once the space planning is complete we’ll provide you with a 3D CAD design; giving you a better vision of how your kitchen remodel will look.
Selecting the materials for your remodeling your bathroom involves knowledge and experience. This is one of those “you don’t know what you don’t know until it’s too late” situations.

Sylvie Meehan Designs stays on top of the latest interior design trends and innovations in the world of interior design. We know where to get the highest quality materials that will fit your home bathroom remodel budget.

Just as important as using the right vendors to get the materials you need, is the order in which they are selected. If your selections are done incorrectly you become trapped by poor planning. We select your materials in the correct order so you always have the most options at every step in your bathroom remodel.

The execution phase is when using a professional interior designer is the most critical. When you remodel your bathroom you want it to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. You need someone who can speak your contractor’s language. You need someone who knows what order the work should be done in so your bathroom only out of order for as long as necessary.

At Sylvie Meehan Designs we know how to stay on top of everything so you don’t have to. We’re experienced with bathroom remodels of every shape and size. We know how to avoid roadblocks that could bring your project to a sudden stop and keep things moving forward so you can start relaxing in your new bathroom as soon as possible.

Have You Thought About Custom Closets?

When doing a remodel on your bathroom, consider remodeling your bathroom storage with a custom closet design.  Custom closets are more affordable that you probably think. Add in the time and energy you waste trying to find what you’re looking for or jamming everything into a space that’s too small and you’ll see what a lifesaver a custom closet could be.  You’ll get the most effective use of the space and it can all be done at the same time as your bathroom remodeling project.

If you’ve been dreaming of a new bathroom; save yourself the time, energy, and frustrations of trying to do it on your own. Contact Sylvie Meehan Designs today. The bathroom you’ve always wanted is waiting for you.

Remember: Without a great interior design you can’t have a great home remodel.