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Master Bathroom Remodel: Perry

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  1. Susma

    Wow that bathroom is ggureoos! I love the way you worked with the angled ceilings and put in lots of little features to make it perfect. Did you not take out a permit for the electrical though? Because it is against the National Electrical Code to have a chandelier over a tub. Plus lighting in that area needs to be UL damp listed so that the humidity won’t short out the lighting fixtures and cause a fire. I’d strongly suggest looking for a replacement fixture and moving that one to a non-bathroom.

  2. Nichim

    We just remodeled ours and did etniyvhreg our selves. Gutted it, put in new subfloor, waterproofing layer, ceramic tiles, new tub, toilet, vanity, all new fixtures, new doors, the works..(but nothing too over the top). It ended up costing us around $ 4000. The contractor quoted us double that. However, it took us almost a year to complete all the work. Given that was our only bathroom with a shower/tub, it was quite the inconvience (having to shower at the gym, friends houses etc..). The contractor could have finished it in a couple weeks.

  3. Sheri

    Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Sheri