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About Interior Designer Sylvie Meehan

For Sylvie Meehan Interior Design is a Way of Life

At the heart of Sylvie Meehan designs is interior designer, Sylvie Meehan.  Sylvie’s interior design philosophy can be summed up in two sentences:  She wants you to have a home you love to come home to.  She wants your home remodel to be fun and stress-free.

Originally from Montréal, Quebec, Canada, where she got her Interior Design degree, Sylvie has over ten years of experience in the industry.  Her experience working on million dollar homes has given her the skills needed to create luxury in homes of all sizes.

Unlike some interior designers, Sylvie doesn’t impose her style choices on you.  Instead, she guides you on a journey to discover your own design aesthetic.  Along the way she educates; pointing out options and solutions you probably didn’t know existed.  She understands that your style is uniquely yours.  She honors this by making sure you have all the choices you need for your home to fit both your style, and your life.

One of my most rewarding moments as an interior designer was when a client told me that hiring me saved her marriage. She and her husband couldn’t agree on a design plan or the materials to use in their remodel. She said when they hired me they both felt like they had equal input. By acting as the voice of reason I was able to address both of their concerns and we were able to find a compromise that worked for everyone.

Sylvie Meehan


Having a functional living space is the foundation of a great interior design.  Before Sylvie begins to make your interior design project look good, she addresses all the things that don’t work in the space so they aren’t repeated in your finished design.  This method ensures you’ll enjoy the space longer.  She addresses this in her book:  Create the Kitchen of a Lifetime.

In addition to her book, Sylvie Meehan has also written articles on Green Design for national publications.  In addition to her design degree, Sylvie is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist; giving her the ability to help her to create interior design so aging clients can stay self-sufficient in their homes well into their golden years.

As your interior designer, Sylvie becomes the extra voice you need to hear.  She’s able to step back from your project in a way you can’t.  She brings a perspective that shows you more than the room you’re working on.  She shows you how it will affect your entire house so your new room doesn’t look like it belongs in another house.  If your plan is to start with a new style and spread it to the rest of your house she’ll make sure the transitions flow and feel fluid as you go from room to room.